Welcome to our New Blog

This blog was started to keep in touch with all our customers on the progress of my shop and some random things I do and experience in my life. Alot of my customers are out of touch with the shop since I was unable to run my brick and mortar and I had been contemplating to start this blog as part of the business and also part to reconnect with all my lovely customers. Do feel free to comment, or follow this blog regularly!

Some throwback pictures to remind us of the great beginnings we had (at Tanglin Halt) and the better things yet to come in 2016. Am expecting a little bub so another shop location will not happen anytime in 2015. Praying for God to take the lead and open doors for this humble passion of mine.

DIY_shop_lighting_2 DIY_shop_lighting_5 DIY_shop_lighting_1 DIY_Counter_8 DIY_Counter_9

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